Crisis Management Software

While prevention must always be the first defense against any crisis, your organization must be prepared and fully capable of responding effectively to all forms of crisis, regardless of how large or complex. The primary objective of the Crisis Management Software is to allow its users to ensure information and reporting is captured and to facilitate the ability of the Crisis Management Team (CMT) to support and disseminate information amongst the team and overall organization.

  • World-Renowned – Tested and Proven ”All Risk” Crisis Management Software
  • All Risks/All Hazards Crisis Management Software includes ability to support management of disasters, IT network failures, disease outbreaks, civil unrest/protests, etc
  • Scalable: Utilize the forms and reports available to capture and report information during crisis situation
  • Integration: If the crisis situation requires utilization of an Emergency Response Team, the software fully integrates within the Incident Action Plan and allows connectivity and streamlining of data and reporting between all parts of the crisis and response management teams. This provides an information flow mechanism between the affected business, offices & corporate functions.
  • Web-based software and database hosting service
  • Crisis response and exercise support
  • Software training specific to the CMT
  • Client-specific CMT preloads

Crisis Management Software Enables You To

  • Allow simultaneous input from multiple users in multiple locations
  • Capture incident information quickly
  • Create a central repository of incident information
  • Automate the flow of information between response team members
  • Produce reports immediately
  • Create templates from pre-planned information