Common Operating Picture

The Common Operating Picture (COP) is a command and control tool that provides situational awareness enabling users to make accurate, informed decisions based on current or planned activities under the Incident Command System (ICS). Data is integrated from multiple existing and live (field collected) sources to support all functions of a response using one spatial data platform. The TRG COP will provide the acting incident management team with a comprehensive picture to make adjustments to any current activity and also plan ahead for the next operational period.

  • Real-time tracking of field assets on mobile devices.
  • All photos taken in the field on an iPad or iPhone can instantly be uploaded onto the COP and provide immediate review and action.
  • Fully integrated with TRG’s IAP Software™
  • Directly integrate with other GIS web service providers i.e. NOAA’s ERMA, ESRI’s ArcGIS Online 
  • Secured access to authorized users