TRG Mobile Applications

IAP Mobile

Incident Action Plan (IAP) is a fully NIMS-compliant software package that has been developed over the years to become an all-encompassing tool for incident management. By using the Incident Command System (ICS) process, IAP Software™ manages and conveniently organizes the entirety of an incident response from the necessary resources (personnel & equipment) to the finances and logistics. IAP is a user-friendly system of forms that ensures command officials have valid, up-to-the-minute data through the duration of an incident. For drills and actual incidents, there is no better management software than IAP.

Initial Response

Build and manage initial response documentation quickly in the field with this mobile app. Access and capture key information from your emergency response procedures such as checklists, notifications, resources and more. Create situational awareness by building a situation map and capturing geo tagged photos.

Electronic IMH (Enterprise)

The comprehensive response information in your Incident Management Handbook is now available in a convenient, easy to use electronic app for your phone or tablet. The intuitive interface gives users the tools to conduct ICS planning cycle meetings and complete role/position job aides and checklists. With the Enterprise edition, users gain the enhanced capability to customize eIMH content in IAP Software and synchronize those changes for a tailored solution.

Electronic IMH (USCG Edition)

eIMH (CG) puts the 380+ page USCG IMH content in a super easy to use format on your phone or tablet. More than just a reference tool, eIMH provides working checklists for things such as meeting attendees and agendas to help you facilitate the meetings and stay organized.

Resource Manager

Take control of your resource tracking with this mobile app tailored for field use. Establish resource accountability using check-in/out tools with badge scanning and view resource locations on a map. Conduct field resource audits to verify resource locations and update their status real-time. Work offline and synchronize your changes when you re-establish a data connection.

Resource Requests

Field responders now have a tool to easily create resource requests on their mobile devices that are submitted directly into the IAP Software for approval and ordering. Users not only create requests, but are able to track their requests and receive alerts as the request advances through the flexible ordering process.

Exercise eVal

Electronically capture and monitor exercise evaluations in real time and quickly produce exercise reports with the eVal app. Exercise facilitators setup exercises with preloaded objectives (e.g. PREP requirements) or create custom objectives, assign evaluators to evaluate the exercise based on those objectives and monitor progress real time and respond to issues quickly. Evaluators document observations for their assigned objectives with comments and photos that are easily summarized later for post-exercise reporting.